About Me - Dave

You're probably wondering (or perhaps not) who I am and why should you care.  Those are actually great questions that deserve an answer.

I was a classic example of a internet marketing/make money online failure. I have been "playing" at IM for more years (and more money) that I want to count. I struggled for years because I suffered with "Shiny Object Syndrome" or as I like to call it "Make money for someone else" online. The day finally came when I realized enough was enough and pulled my head out of the dark place where it had been.

When I first started on this journey, it was so I would not have to worry about been financially dependent on a boss who could let me go and not even remember my name the day after I left.  As I get into my "golden years" (Yeah, right!) , I not only want to get myself into a position where I could be more self-reliant but I've discovered that there are other people who feel the same.

So, here I am, shooting for that dream of more financial independence and wanting to help anyone I can by using the knowledge that I have gained, mainly through the mistakes I have made and the successes I have gained.

If you are new to this IM - Make Money Online thing and you want to learn with honest, no BS information or if you have been trying to make it a go for awhile with no real success to speak of and if you want to hop aboard this train with me,  great!

But I have to warn you, there is no "pie in the sky" stuff here.  Anything I discuss or recommend is going to take work and time.  As long as you understand this, we'll get along just fine.

Best wishes,


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